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Post by Yuri on Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:27 am

Don't be broken
If you are using a keyblade do post your abilities with that keyblade.

There have been wars going on once more with heartless King Mickey has asked anyone willing to help attack against the heartless to rise up, he has also put out an order to many guards to go across the worlds asking those with keyblades personally to enter Mickey's army.

(Character Sheet Help)
Name: ?
Age: ?
Weapon of choice: ? (You can also name your weapon does not have to be a keyblade to be named)
Keyblade's Ability (If you have one):
Ally: Heartless, or Mickey's army (you do not have to fill this if you are not on a side)
Name: Rosette
Age: 15
Weapon of choice: Magic and a Keyblade
Keyblade Name: Dark Memory
Keyblade Ability: This Keyblade must have an offering to use it slowly feeds off Rosette's Memory to increase her physical and magical damage
Keyblade Image:
Ally: Heartless
Personality: Yandere
Backstory: Rosette had fallen in love when she was 11 with a boy and had one day told the boy her feelings the boy accepted her feelings and told her he loved her to on her 12th birthday she had went to her boyfriends house to find him with her best friend. Thinking that it was a meeting more then just friend she had gotten angry and jealous, she then later on during the day when to her friends house with a knife. inviting her friend outside to play the moment they had entered the forest she took the knife and stabbed her friend walking back to her boyfriend house with blood over her she opened the door smiling at him and saying "If you ever think about cheating on me again I'll have to
punish you like I did her..." This gave birth to her yandere personality.

When the male became 13 he had ran away from her enraged she now tries to find him still even to this day she had gotten her keyblade but when she had obtained it she heard a voice saying "To use me you must pay a price of your own memories" as she heard this and looked towards the Keyblade "If that's what it takes though I will not have you remove my memories of ??????" The voice in her head agreed and she continued to walk the world in search of the boy

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