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Dragon Ball Z RP

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Re: Dragon Ball Z RP

Post by Yuri on Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:57 am

(Marth's post)
Lute nodded, with such an experienced crowd. Goren would probably be hurt severely, something the Namekian absolutely couldn't let happen.

He arrived on the scene as Glaze was getting the shit kicked out of him.

Lute dashed towards him
"Need any help?" He said raising his eyebrows.

"Your not a bad fighter" she kicks the soldier rushing towards her in the stomach and throws him back and hurls ki blast towards him as well as punch another one "Why do you waste your time on this planet?"

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Re: Dragon Ball Z RP

Post by Manjoume Thunder on Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:47 am

As the fighting got more intense, Goren's skill kept improving and his sense of battle was improving. Goren kept dodging hits on instinct. Eventually, the fighters were beginning to wear down from keeping up from Goren.

Goren jumped back, breathing a little hard.

"Take him all at once, don't go in one by one!" One of them said. Most of them agreed. Goren had already put his arms into the air and extended them. His palms grew hot and began to flash purple.
"Galactic Burst!!!"

Goren took out a huge number of the soldiers with the single blast. He felt his energy drain. He turned and began to go after Lute.


Glaze nodded. His breathing had turn rapid. He hadn't done anything to fight back yet and he already felt his body started to tire out.

"This guy's power is enormous. We'll have to try to distract him and take him by surprise." Glaze punched the ground and got up. He flew towards Scree who didn't even flinch. He prepared to attack with a simple punch. Glaze immediately dived towards the ground.

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