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Marth Test Results Empty Marth Test Results

Post by Marth on Mon May 01, 2017 9:55 pm

(DESTINY) Leon: your yellow making the results then making utopia
(DESTINY) Leon: Cause though you guys all complained S0 shouldn't be used its not even tha bad anymore.
(Lancer) Photon: lol
(Lancer) Photon: but I want purple/
(DESTINY) Leon: K whaever I'mgoing to be making Zarc and S0 decks.
(DESTINY) Leon: I might not do zarc.....
(DESTINY) Leon is offline

^ Dueling Book Chat History. Will provide an actual screenshot if anyone wants.

Testing Rubric Version 0.01

All Test Must be done in a match system!
Tester's Name: Mai Waifu /  (Lancer) Photon
Duelist's Deck: Dark Magicians  

Tester's Deck:  Chancellor Yuri / (DESTINY) Leon
Duelist's Deck: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Deck Overall Skill: 22/25
Deck consistency 20/20
Side Deck 5/5

W/L 15/15
O = Win
X = Lose

O - O = 15/15
O - X - O  = 10/15
O - X - X = 5/15
X - X = 0/15

Attitude And Extra points 0/5
Not needed in test but extra points
Not because I wasn't polite, He just didn't want to give me anything

Ruling 10/10
Major Mistakes, Not knowing all cards and rulings to cards this should be judged real carefully.

Overall Results 47/50 (55 is possible with extra points but won't be added unto test)

Dorm Placement:
Kuriboh Brown

Chaos Purple 36/45
Twilight Yellow 46/50
Circuit Duelist Are Duelist who've earned the rank by winning circuit duels and defeating 5 rivals.

Banned Decks:
Mill (Opponents deck)
Instant Draw decks. (Offer a draw decks not just rapid drawing I mean that counts as exodia and stall.)
IF the Deck is Meta you will take a -10 to deck Overall skill you have been warned.
True Kings
True King Dinos
True King Kozmo
True King Zoodiac
Paleozoic 60 card
Infernoid 60 card
60 card lawn mow zombie mesh

Certain engines will also make you lose a -5 points
Zoo Engine
Gem-Knight Engine
Speedroid Engine

Congratualtions Marth you achieved Purple Dorm!
and now get to be rivaled with Fear prepare to get fucked so hard you lose to a Don Scorpion Deck (Which Actually Happened)

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