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Yugioh 5ds Characters

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Yugioh 5ds Characters

Post by Marth on Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:10 am

So this will be a list of all the present characters in Yugioh 5-Emperors the RP.

Ace Monster:
Name: Daxz
Deck: Predaplant (Generic Dark Mechanic)
Ace Monster: Starving Venom Fusion Dragon, Predplant Chimerafflesia
Faction: Common

Name: Tigre
Deck: Mecha Phantom Beast (Machina, Speedroid Mechanic)
Ace Monster: Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, Mecha Phantom Beast Draccosack
Faction: Security

Name: Kurumi
Deck: Blue-Eyes (Currently Subject To Change)
Ace Monster: Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
Faction: Tops

Name: Gundo
Deck: Rock-Type Monsters
Ace Monster: (Apparently Lelouch's Character doesn't have one)
Faction: Tops / Common

Name: Henry
Deck: Blackwings
Ace Monster: Assault Blackwings - Raikiri The Rain Shower
Faction: Tops

Name: Klaus
Deck: Divine Beast Sylvans
Ace Monster: Performapal Hip Hippo/ Winged Dragon of Ra.
Faction: Leader of the Tops Faction

Name: Mizael
Deck: Galaxy
Ace Monster: Number 107 Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon, Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon
Faction: Leader of the Rebel Tops Faction

Name: Annie
Deck: Fairies
Ace Monster: King Mokey Mokey
Faction: Common

Name: Abaranger
Deck: Roids
Ace Monster: Super Vehicroid Stealth Union, Super Vehicroid Ultimate Battle Machine
Faction: Common

Name: Sworn
Deck: Lightsworn
Ace Monster: Michael, The Arch-Lightsworn
Faction: Rebel Tops

Name: Mr. Security Man
Deck: Super Security Man Special
Ace Monster: No Idea
Faction: Failed Security

Name: Zek
Deck: Crystal Beasts
Ace Monster: Rainbow and Rainbow Dark Dragon
Faction: Common

Name: Hope
Deck: Utopia
Ace Monster: Emperor Hope
Faction: Gang

Name: Julius Caesar
Deck: Zombie
Ace Monster: Silent Honors ARK, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
Faction: Gang

Name: Don Visiozo
Deck: ???
Ace Monster: ???
Faction: Gang

Name: Kurodaki
Deck: Battling Boxer
Ace Monster:
Number 104 Star Cetus
Battlin Boxer Lead Yoke
Faction: Security

Name: Amaris
Deck: Gravekeeper
Ace Monster: Gravekeeper Oracle
Faction: Tops
The List will be updated as Time goes along.

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